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Using dropbear with git

Dropdear is a SSH client that is about half the size of OpenSSH. This is useful for embedded clients that have limited space. Therefore, it made sense to try to get dropbear working with git to handle the Palm Pre patch repository.

However, there are some challenges. Dropbear does not automatically look inside ~/.ssh for a public key and due to the limitations of GIT_SSH not being able to take additional parameters, we need to make some small changes to get this working.

1. Create a /opt/bin/sssh script that includes the following:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa $*

2. Next, export GIT_SSH=/opt/bin/sssh in /etc/profile.d/optware
3. Lastly, modify .git/config’s [master]

[branch "master"]
remote = origin
merge = refs/heads/master

After this, you should be able to do a test pull/clone/push from a repo like Gitorious or Github.