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Improving Magento Performance

It appears that there are quite a few complaints on the forums about Magento being slow and this is probably true with an out of the box installation. There are quite a few things that can be done to improve things and response time in general.

The following shows the before and after times as recorded by Pingdom for http://furoshiki.com/. The initial installation reflected a stock LAMP based installation with average response time of about 9 seconds.

With a switch to nginx as well as tuning of various components, the response time subsequently dropped by over half to about 4 seconds which is in the sweet spot for ecommerce sites.

The following are some of the changes made:

  • Switch to using nginx as a front end.
  • Set Expires to far in the future
  • Utilize PHP FPM.
  • Implement APC
  • PHP tuning
  • MySQL tuning

Before (8.9 seconds): Pingdom Tools

After (3.9 seconds): Pingdom Tools

As you can see, the site is now very responsive (buy some furoshiki while you are there). I am investigating additional improvements as traffic increases.

Why does this matter? Surveys have shown that there is a correlation from site response time to sales with higher abandonment rates with a slow site. For further reading, see:

How is your site doing? Test it now using Pingdom.